Wildling is an indie rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Their self-titled debut EP was released December 4, 2015.

Playing for Paris

Originally posted by Gentlemyn on November 14, 2015.

I’ve never played such an emotional show. The crowd might not have noticed, but I was holding back tears at several points during the set. I thought of that room in Paris, Eagles of Death Metal on a stage just as I was now, as the shots began to pour forth.

The only thing I could do was put that feeling into my drums. That’s all there was in that moment. And that’s what I did. I played for the the people in that room in Paris. The people who took their last breath there, the people who made it out alive. I played for the people everywhere who’s lives have been tainted or cut short by this violence, intolerance, and hatred. I played for them, and I felt them. They played through me.

And I felt anger in my heart in those moments onstage. But as I lost myself in the tides of emotion and sweat, I found the pain turning into love. Music always brings it back to love.

We made our instruments, our voices, our sound vehicles for love. Violence can shock us, but it can not quench our spirit. We cannot let it. We fought for the night. And we played our hearts out. We drove the darkness out of the room, as musicians are doing all around the world at this moment right now.

What happened last night in Paris changed everything for me. I was already playing for the love of music and where it brought me.

But now I’m playing for love, for freedom. I’m playing for the victims of violence, the innocent. I’m playing for justice. With every beat. There’s too much fucking violence going on in this world to be silent anymore. Especially us. Especially artists.

Every night, I’m playing for truth, I’m playing for peace, I’m playing for love. I’m playing for Paris.

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